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About Us

Formed in 2005, Villa Rockets is a self-funding powerchair football club. We enable disabled youngsters the opportunity to play football in electric wheelchairs and have teams competing in National & Regional Leagues. Our players, both male & female, age from 10 upwards.

We have been introducing & demonstrating the sport at schools across Birmingham & the West Midlands region and are inviting youngsters to come along and give the game a go.

The club is structured in such a way that we encourage youngsters to start playing at around 10-11 when they start to learn the game, learn how to control the powerchair and develop their playing skills.

Currently, we have teams that play in 3 different leagues, with teams being made up of a squad of 6 – 8 players.

The West Midlands League Championship squad is our development team where we introduce newcomers and our younger players into competitive games.

As they develop as players, they move up to the next level, which is the West Midlands League Premiership side. Progression can continue into the 1st team squad who play in the National Premiership League against sides from all over the country.

We have the option to enter more teams into any or all of these leagues. So as our club membership grows, players who want to play will be able to going forward.

The sport not only develops our disabled players on a technical level but also on a social level. Players learn to be part of a team (and all the associated banter that brings). They become more outgoing, confident in themselves and it brings them belief in their own abilities.

If you would like to come along to try it out or just to watch and find out what it’s all about, go to our contact page for details.

If you would like to help us with raising funds for the club, go to our funding page.