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We started our first game of the day against Manchester United. Both teams began with a high tempo, which continued throughout the game.
6 minutes into the 1st half an assist by D.Ball set D.Kay up nicely to score taking us to 1-0. After this break, we increased possession, and in the 13th minute a close call by H.Mudhir, passed in by D.Kay was well blocked by Man Utd. Closely followed by another attempt by D.Kay, which was well anticipated by the opposition.
The second half saw more of the same high tempo and a foul against S.Rice in the penalty box at 8 minutes allowed for another D.Kay goal, resulting in a positive 2-0 win.
Our second and final game of the day was a local derby against West Bromwich Albion. We picked up where we left our last game with a high tempo and positive attitude. We retained the ball well and created numerous chances whilst also making it difficult for WBA to create any chances of their own.
We went into half time at 0-0, but 10 minutes into the second half WBA got their first goal by a double deflection. Nevertheless, we remained strong and focused, continuing to create chances and playing with the confidence and knowledge we have obtained throughout the season.
A few minutes before the final whistle and WBA took a bold chance from more than halfway out and sealed their 2-0 win.
We are extremely pleased with our performances today and the progress we are making as a team. The regional league is over for this season, but we still have National League fixtures, so watch this space!

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